Thank you 2016!

Dear 2016,


Thank you so much for everything!
Boy, It was intense! And I’m so grateful!

You were the first year that I had an international agent! My fab Agents at Advocate Art could show me around and introduce me to some new Clients and dream projects for the first time! Exciting Projects that helped myself to  learnt a bunch of new art techniques and my own creative process – I became the professional illustrator I dreamt about!  I worked like crazy pants! – lots of stress but It was a great validation time.
Thank you Malu-from-2012 for being brave and start drawing. You’re doing great now! (ok, still needs a lot to learn but still, getting better ever year! yay! )

And I went to Bologna Children’s Book Fair for the first time! And as an Illustrator! SO overwhelming and inspiring! Big kid feelings.

Also, thank you for all the ups and downs (and 2016, you were very monkey-ish!) ) . All the confuse times brought me closer to some amazing friends new and old ones. Once you live an ocean away from family, friends go beyond family. And I feel so lucky of having such amazing ones spread all over the world to share our moments great and not so great (special thanks to skype and whatsapp and fb)

Thanks for  my first Music Festival! Primavera Sound in Barcelona was memorable! Great Music, great food, great weather, even greater friends!

You also is going to be remembered as the year that my dear hubby launch his own game after some years developing with love and surrounded by talented people. I’m so so proud!
Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am of having such super star husband. (he would disagree but you should not listen to him)

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! Ok, every year happen, but still!

And by the end of the year, we got some mix feelings news that gave us the opportunity to re-think our lives and prepare ourselves to be brave adventurers once again and explore new worlds. We are soon leaving Berlin with still no certain destination. 2017 is going to be a great adventure from the beginning!

Even though it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, as I said on the first line, I’m grateful for 2016. I guess all the intensity made me stronger and wiser – signs of maturity also brings happiness. So, thanks!

and Bye Bye 2016!



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