2017, here we go!

Happy New Year!  Happy New Adventures!

I started the year with a blank page (literally!)
After 4 years living in Berlin, we (me+husband+cat) are moving! So exciting!
…But we don’t have a clue to where (yet)! So… exciting !?!?!
Well, I’ll not lie to you – It’s a bunch of mixed feelings when you make plans and then, life happens.
We’ve been willing to move cities in a while when hubby got this awesome job opportunity. Then,  once we were at the door, it was cancelled, and we saw ourselves lost in the middle of the way.
I know. It isn’t the end of the world. Not a death sentence or something major. It was just a job offer that suddenly was off of the table. But still enough to make our heart miss a beat and shake our perspectives. And specially, if you live an ocean away from home/family, some fears are suddenly activated.

We decided to keep the goodbye Berlin process. So, during December/January we did all the boring things related to this decision: Check and review finances, all the  (german) bureaucracy and re-start searching for jobs and future.

After some very blue days we’ve finally got the excitement tune for the brand new future.
Oh! All the possibilities! Can’t wait for the next steps! 🙂
PLUS: For the first time in 6 years, we can take a proper whole month vacation!
We’re going to spend February in Croatia!
(save some €€ + relax with great scenery + creativity boost since I’ll have my bff and amazing illustrator Antoana close by to share ideas !!)

It’s time to welcome 2017 and let our imagination go to adventures!

Are you ready? 🙂




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