I’m on Mishmania!

Beyond excited to share that I’m on Mishmania!

MISHMANIA is a new series of activity books from Little Bee Books!
Rain, Rain, Go Away is one of the first of this amazing series, released in February.
It’s full of activity for the kids (5-7 years) all beautifully illustrated by 8 fantastic artists around the world – me included! 🙂

This project was amazing to work with. It was the first project my agents brought to me and I was beyond excited to work with Little Bee Books and Activity book! I was super duper anxious and nervous but they were beyond supportive and gave lots of freedom to create the pages. Plus, Rain theme was my favorite since I love  rainy days (yeah I’m that weird, but I really love raindrops-falling-on-my-head and how colors change once it’s wet!)

From me, you’ll find 12 fun activity pages!  There are colouring page, connect the dots, dress a deer, draw bird feathers, hide a bird, help a turtle through a maze,  unscramble the words and (my fav) make a paper boat to float around or use as a hat!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wish I have better pics to show how amazing is the print quality! But, oh well, you can always buy one to have your own fun! 😉

You can order on Amazon.
The price is $11.99 US / $15.99 CAN / EUR 10.93

Big thanks again to my fab agents from Advocate Art and Little Bee Books for this amazing opportunity of creating such fun artwork!




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