About Malu

Malu, the artist.

I am  a freelance illustrator and cute maker from Brazil, currently living and working in Europe.  I like to draw cute characters and scenes inspired by children’s book and retro – 50’s and 60’s design and lifestyle.  I also like people watching and imagine stories about strangers. I’m very inspired by simple day-by-day routine, the “boring things”. I love how sweet they can look from distance.

My creative process starts with searching for inspiration in Books, Magazines and Internet. Usually not about the subject so I can, like a puzzle, create a new story in my mind and doing  a bunch of sketches with pencil on a sketchbook. Sometines cute ones, others just doodles.  Then I move to my Cintiq to play with Adobe Illustrator until looks cute and everybody is happy (including my Bunny Art Buddy*)

*Fun fact: I have an imaginary bunny as my Art buddy, who sometimes helps with some magical inspiration,  other times,  get me thousand hours of distractions.
I feel happy to share that I’ve worked with these lovely Clients: 
Design House Greetings, Design Design Inc, Lake Press, Little Bee Books, Mafua Kids, Momazine, Papyrus, P.I.Kids, RSVP, Usborne Books and Viabella.

Can’t wait for all the awesome opportunities 2017 may bring!

Malu, the girl 

I was born in the 80’s in Brazil. Since then, I’ve been living in a imaginary world and, since 2012, also, around the world.

My husband is an admirable creative guy  plus, game designer and we live with a grumpy old cat called Miau.

Silly Curiosities:
I used to work in Ad Agencies as Account Manager because I didn’t believe I could be an Artist.
I  will smile and probably hug you as soon as we meet.
Before coffee I’m very very very lost.
Rainy days makes me smile and I’m emotionally allergic to summer days.
Singing birds drive me crazy but I like to draw them.
I’m usually easygoing until I get hungry. Then, I’m very grumpy.
I like to people watching and create imaginary stories about their lives. It’s like imaginary gossip!
I just came back to the blogosphere because I am feeling tired of the whole social media interaction.

Would like to know something specific?  Talk about Art or a cool project!
Mail me! 🙂